handbag collection

The inspiration for the collection of handbags was traditional Slovenian folk hat called »avba«. The shape is based on the voluminous upper part with folds and rich embroidery on the lower part of the traditional female hat, which has come to life again through modern reinterpretation in the present collection of prestigious-urban, high-quality leather and textile handbags.

The prints on the handbags follow the motifs of Slovenian national embroideries. The Etnoir  Collection combines verified patterns of the past with modern innovations and creates a surplus in the unburdened juxtaposition of, at first glance, completely different and even incompatible concepts.

Precisely because of the contradictory nature of the combination of both, the Etnoir handbags are suitable for an urban woman who, contrary to the uniformed trends, wishes, knows and dares to wear and show these contradictions on herself and within herself.